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I appreciate all the feedback I've received on the first edition of the MNR/FNS series. Later on tonight, I'll be dropping two more verses. I do want to address something though. A few people have asked me about the length of the tracks...Why so short?

Well, it's actually part of my plan to keep up with the wrestling angle. The introduction of a new character was always dope to me when pulled off correctly. The buildup could make for a real moment. Little bits in pieces led up to the unveiling of a new superstar. The Chain of Memories II is by no means my first mixtape, but it definitely is my real introduction to a lot of you. All original songs, no "freestyles", no "skits", no "drops". It's me giving you an introduction to me. Moreso than any other project I've ever done.

So for me, being able to just keep these verses short and sweet while still being able to impress you and have you wanting more is all part of the plan. Once the Chain II drops in January, you will definitely understand my intent. Overloading y'all with music is not on my agenda anyway. I want you to miss me when I begin to cook a lil crack, but I don't want you to forget me either. This is a way to stay fresh in your minds.

I compare it to when Kane first arrived. That "third grave" the Undertaker never told us about...

The buildup for Kane was fuckin dope. Then dude showed up in the red mask, ripped the cell door off the Hell in a Cell, and Tombstoned his own brother. Everybody was like, "This is Kane!?"

It's the same thing with me, except when the Chain II drops you'll all be like, "This is KRACK COCAINE!?"

Eh...didn't sound like how it sounded in my head...smh.

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  1. [hahaha]

    hope i don't get addicted and then OD when Chain II drops x__x