x_x Pour out a Lil Liquor x_x

A lot of wrestlers have died, but Owen died so fuckin underrated. His Blue Blazer gimmick was horrible, and he died doing that superhero shit. Ugh...

He was definitely one of the better technical wrestlers I'd seen, and he was in the same league as Bret, so I just wanted to do a post dedicated to dude. He was a great wrestler and was never truly appreciated while he was here (even by me).

x_x KR vs. JFin x_x

Never happenin...lol

x_x Friends Become Estranged x_x

Okay, you're expecting Friday Night Smackdown. Uh...I think New Year's Day was the wrong day. I stopped being hungover about four hours ago so...eh...

What you will get is this...

Sometimes friendships can implode over some of the silliest shit.

We're hopefully gonna get Monday Night Raw popping this Monday, things have been a lil hectic at the house, but just know I AM WORKING. The Chain II is still coming this month. Live life.

Happy New Year. 2010 will be the year...


x_x Monday Night Raw: Week II x_x

This is the craziest spot I've seen to date, but in hindsight this match wasn't that great. Too much Mankind gettin his ass kicked...

A little late tonight, but I had my reasons. It's here now doe. Check em out!

----> Download Merchant of Dreams HERE <----

----> Download Say Something HERE <----


x_x Friday Night Smackdown: Week 1 x_x

I will proceed to lay the smackdown on your monkey asses...

It's time to drop another two joints. Enjoy!

----> Download Floss HERE <----

----> Download Drop HERE <----

x_x They Want More! x_x

I appreciate all the feedback I've received on the first edition of the MNR/FNS series. Later on tonight, I'll be dropping two more verses. I do want to address something though. A few people have asked me about the length of the tracks...Why so short?

x_x The Samoan Bulldozer x_x

I really am a fan of wrestling. So when I found out that Eddie Fatu (bka as Umaga or even Jamal from Three Minute Warning) passed, I was pretty upset.