x_x Monday Night Raw: Week II x_x

This is the craziest spot I've seen to date, but in hindsight this match wasn't that great. Too much Mankind gettin his ass kicked...

A little late tonight, but I had my reasons. It's here now doe. Check em out!

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x_x Friday Night Smackdown: Week 1 x_x

I will proceed to lay the smackdown on your monkey asses...

It's time to drop another two joints. Enjoy!

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x_x They Want More! x_x

I appreciate all the feedback I've received on the first edition of the MNR/FNS series. Later on tonight, I'll be dropping two more verses. I do want to address something though. A few people have asked me about the length of the tracks...Why so short?

x_x The Samoan Bulldozer x_x

I really am a fan of wrestling. So when I found out that Eddie Fatu (bka as Umaga or even Jamal from Three Minute Warning) passed, I was pretty upset.


x_x Monday Night Raw: Week 1 x_x

I used to want to superkick the shit out of my old supervisor years ago. The one I've had more recently is pretty cool. I got sick as fuck at work...she let me leave early.

You know what irony is? When you name a freestyle series after a show that you missed tonight. I missed Raw, don't know what the fuck happened! Eh...oh well...high off Nyquil...sorry for the wait, everything will be earlier in the day on Friday.

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore...bye. Enjoy the verses...Chain of Memories II in January. Bye for real this time...just warming up, friends...

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x_x Take a Leap of Faith x_x

You may crash and burn, but do you get up afterward?

x_x There Are People Worse Than Chris Brown x_x

No one's blackballing Chris Jericho. Give the kid another chance...

x_x Rappers Pay This Man a Portion of Your Royalties x_x

I will drive nothing but Mercedes and Rolls Royce...

x_x Wrestling Moments in Hip Hop x_x

A lot of niggaz in Hip Hop have gotten the breaks beat off them or beat the breaks off niggaz...so this is a dedication to those wrestling moments in Hip-Hop...


x_x Oh Yeeeeah x_x

I wonder why Macho Man always had problems keeping a continuous volume in his voice...

x_x Who is this Motherf*(!er!? x_x

Psycho Sid's reaction is priceless. It's like someone on roid rage scolding a retarded kid. Watch his facial expression when the Shockmaster starts to talk.

x_x Royalty Bitch! x_x

You ain't got what it takes no more...

x_x Like Bret Hart Comin to the Ring I Gave You Shade x_x

Excellence in my execution...

x_x Hulk Hogan, We Comin For You Nigga! x_x

Saying your prayers and eating your vitamins is no match for an angry black man who knows you're white, but still calls you a nigga.

x_x The Purpose x_x

This is my favorite wrestler evarrrr. Stone Cold never gave a fuck. One man army. Highjacking shit. Drinking beer. Throwing up middle fingers. Punching niggaz. Stomping niggaz. The illest wrestler ever. Though The Rock comes in as a close second, Stone Cold was my dude. Where The Rock kinda stunted on em, Stone Cold was just about his business. I could equate my whole rap style to his style of wrestling-aggressive as shit.