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I really am a fan of wrestling. So when I found out that Eddie Fatu (bka as Umaga or even Jamal from Three Minute Warning) passed, I was pretty upset.

Dude was only 34 years old, and passed away. It's tragic that a lot of these wrestlers are passing at such early ages. It still hasn't been determined what he died from, but either way a loss is a loss. The man left a family, and for that we should just pray for them. People try to paint the WWE as having a hand in these wrestlers dying earlier, but they can't be responsible for everything. A lot of deaths have been because of substance abuse, and one thing I do know WWE offers any current/former employee is free rehab. They also have a Wellness Policy that discourages the use of drugs (a lot of these guys get addicted to pain killers).

One thing I wish WWE did think about having was an off-season. We all know wrestling is pre-scripted, but there's no way to fake going through a table, running around lifting another human being, etc for minutes at a time almost 300 days a year. This would probably help the storylines as well as giving these athletes time to heal. That's just my opinion though. Anyway RIP Eddie Fatu.

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